how was class?

Every day is a new workout and a new challenge. And through those challenges our members have produced results, time and time again. Want to know for yourself? Hear from our members below:

  • "I really love Carrie's bootcamp program. The workout is excellent and always leaves me exhausted in the immediate aftermath, but physically and mentally energized for the rest of the day. The workout itself is relatively low impact, so it is a really good option for those looking for an incredibly intense workout, but don't want to lift heavy weights. The other people in the class are great as well. Very friendly and encouraging."

    Paul Colbert Member
  • "Carrie crushes it every single week. It's just the workout I need to switch it up from my CrossFit routine. I love how fast-paced the class is and every time I say 'that was the hardest workout ever,' there's always a new hardest waiting for me."

    Mike Amatulli Member
  • "Carrie's class never disappoints! It's a total body workout in 60 minutes and I know I am going to get my a** kicked (in the best way!!) Carrie knows how to challenge and push us and that is why I've seen amazing results! Carrie is a bada** and I love her!!!"

    Rebecca Seidenberg Member
  • "Carrie's bootcamp is great!! The constantly changing high intensity hour of sweat is just what I needed to take my fitness, body, and stamina to the next level. I'm in better shape now (42), than I was in my teens and twenties, and I'm doing things now that I never thought possible."

    Karine McGuinness Member
  • "I fell upon Coach Carrie's bootcamp by chance. I won a free month at CFGC at a charity event and when I told some friends about it, they raved about Carrie. I had just had a baby a few weeks prior so I was hesitant to join in. She was caring and motivating right from the first meeting. She helped me modify the class to meet my needs. She pushed me and encouraged me in all the right ways to help me lose the baby weight and make healthy choices. My husband joined the class on my recommendation and it has been a positive thing for the both of us individually and for our relationship. Coach Carrie is an inspiration.

    Marybeth Kane Member
  • "I started doing bootcamps with Carrie and instantly loved the camaraderie from her classes, and the accountability from her coaching. To me, it was the personalization of a 1:1 trainer and the energy of working out with a group- feeling part of a team. Carrie has helped me to realize things that when I started out, seemed daunting or impossible. Lifting the heavier kettlebell, the 30 burpee challenge, mastering a box jump- taking my time, breaking down the moves, modifying and then finally getting it! Carrie once said, 'sometimes when you feel like you can't do anymore or go any farther, you just have to push yourself' and I hear that voice when I'm out for a run, or not sure I might make it one more round in class. Chipping away at small goals, celebrating small wins, and trusting the process. Carrie is an inspiration, a friend, and someone that I am proud to hold myself accountable to on my fitness journey."

    Kristy Flood Member
  • "I have always dreaded working out until someone recommended Carrie's bootcamp. I love walking into her classes not knowing what kind of workout to expect. Carrie overlooks a class of 10+ people, while managing to make sure everyone's form is correct and motivating everyone to get through the tough workouts. She has pushed me to the highest potential I never envisioned for myself and continues to motivate me which has truly changed my life for the better. There is no other 5am class I would wake up for!!"

    Jacklyn Mulligan Member
  • "This bootcamp is, quite simply, the best workout around! I took the first class Coach Carrie ever offered and was hooked from Day 1. A CrossFitter for several years and a cardio addict, I found that bootcamp offers the best of both worlds in a non-stop, high intensity class. Coach Carrie kept me healthy throughout a pregnancy and her workouts whipped me back into shape afterwards! Love the energy that Coach Carrie brings everyday and the fun, challenging and constantly varied workouts she programs! Definitely worth a try!"

    Bridget Smith Member