June 1, 2018

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Workout Of The Day

Teams of 2

row 500m (250m each)

60  med ball cleans/20 burpees (together)

row 500m

60 push press/20 burpees

row 500

60 sit ups/20 burpees

run 200m together

40 med ball cleans/10 burpees

run 200

40 push press/10 burpees

run 200

40 sit ups /10 burpees

Work together, push eachother!!!!

  • Blatz

    Bizzled it wit Sito
    Bizzle- 70lb bar, 16lb ball
    Sito- 95lb bar, 20lb ball

    One of the hardest partner wods I have done. Wow awesome work everyone thank you Carrie

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